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Isabela Maria’s Journey












Isabela Maria








Movie Synopsis


Synopsis: Isabela Maria is a young hispanic girl who moved to America from El Salvador because her mother married an American man. Throughout this movie you will see how Isabela  Maria is set on a journey of CHANGE . Will Isabela Maria change herself in order to be like her peers or will she learn how to accept who she is and embrace the American culture?

“ISABELA MARIA is such a funny and amazing MOVIE!!”




Genre: Comedy and Adventurous

Rating: PG-13








Man Ray

  Man Ray

         Man Ray’s art is definitely those who has been influenced with Surrealism, Futurism, Cubism and more. While most may know him through his photography, he mentioned that he would like to be known as a painter. Ray is one of those who express his love for art deeply which makes his art prone to have deep meanings behind it. Man Ray was known to have played around with media art making it unique and a bit abstract. Like the photo shown below, we all can see how he incorporated an abstract style with reality.

      And now, it’s time for opinions! Hmm… DO I LIKE MAN RAY’S ART? Of course! It’s funky and when I look at his art, there are millions of words that pop up in my mind! I am one to love portraits but this type of portraits? … To me it’s SO unique and different that just leaves me in awe of his creation. I do photography as a hobby and so I think another reason why I like Man Ray’s art is because most of his well known art is portraitures and to know that we share the same interest makes me appreciate his art more!


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Jeff Baij?..

   Jeff Baij

   Jeff Baij is one of those people who has a lot of confidence doing art through the computer. Making media art boldly is his game and he sure doesn’t give a poop if you criticize it harshly. Baij’s art seems to have no deep meaning and as I poked around the internet, Baij did mentioned that he is most proud of doing so. He’s also like us where he enjoys posting his creation online for the world to see.

     To tell you the truth, I am not fond of his work. I guess you can say I am one of these people who greatly appreciate the meaning of art and if there is no meaning behind the art, then how can I relate to it? How can I appreciate it?  I just feel as if he took the true value of art away compared to those who spend a lifetime mastering a master piece, devoting their time and soul into their art, making it priceless!




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Que es Digital Art??

What is Digital Approaches to Fine Art?

Beats me! There are so many answers to this question that I can only give you a general biased view on what Digital Approaches to Fine Art is. Just by looking at the words, and analyzing the terms individually, it could mean people like us could make art by using technology! Ever heard of Photoshop? Tweaking Media Art into something that surpasses our imagination is also called Digital Approaches to Fine Arts. Or how about when we’re mixing music cd’s to make an artsy vibe? That is art too! Or when we’re on Instagram tweaking our pictures to make ourselves flawless?? ALl this is Digital Approaches to Fine Arts as well!


Go and make an art from technology!