Artists in the Media World

Bill Viola

  Bill Viola was born in January 25, 1951 in New York. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1973. He received his BFA in Experimental Studios.  Viola is known for his engrossed creations in videotapes, architectural video installations, sound environment, electronic music performances and more. He was named captain in T.V. for his skills with technology. He is also known as today’s leading artist. Most of his work are shown in museums and galleries. Viola is also known for his world wide experiences; he had traveled worldwide to gain experiences and perspective in the art world. He traveled to places such as Japan, Bali, Java, Tunisia and more!

 I think his art is somewhat very unique. Instead of it being on a simple canvas, he uses plasma T.V’s to exhibit his work. The installation of it all is amazing. I think he does a wonderful job making it all look as if it is a photo he had taken. However some of his work may appear to be a bit eerie considering it’s mostly dark and not so vibrant in emotions.


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Robin Rhode

     Robin Rhode was born in 1976 in Cape Town, South Africa. He was raised in Johannesburg. He graduated from South Africa School of Film, Television and Dramatic Arts in 2000. He is known for his engagement with photography, drawing, performance, sculpture. He uses these to create a story in his work of art. He doesn’t just use his camera to take the pictures but uses other materials such as soap, charcoal, chalk and paint. Rhode is easily inspired by the spirit of the individual. He is also known for transforming photos of city landscapes into a mastery of illusion blending a mix of historical and modern into his art. His first major museum solo show was held in Germany in 2007. After that, his career had soared leading him to hold many solo exhibitions around the world in places such as USA, Germany, London and South Africa.

     I have to say I am completely in LOVE with his art. I LOVE the repetition and the patterns he incorporates in his art. Once looking through his creation I can definitely feel the historical and modern twist to it. I love how every photo is like reading a story. He doesn’t cease to amaze me in every one of his photos. In a way I’m surprised how in this class, when it comes to favoring an artist that we research, it ends up being a guy who’s not even from America! I love, LOVE, love his art. I love the time he puts into his art and I can definitely feel his passion of art in every one of his photos.


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Alec Soth

     Alec Soth was born in 1969 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He studied at Sarah Lawrence College. He is known for his photography in people and landscape of cities and the countryside from the Midwest and the South. He had his first successful monograph called “Sleeping by the Mississippi” occurred in 2004. His work in photography led him to have his own publishing company which is now called ” Little Brown Mushroom.” Soth’s pictures are personal metaphors such as his work called “From Here to There” being a metaphor for hopes and anxieties post September 11, 2001. Another work of Soth that portrays a metaphor would be Niagara. Niagara portrays love. Soth seems to enjoy getting to know the background of the photos he is taking due to the fact how he includes documentaries along with his photos.

    Like mentioned earlier, I am a person who truly enjoy the simplicity of photos. Soth, however seems to take pictures which are much more than simple pictures but photos with a deep meaning. I love how he actually went out and sought to find someone who would calm his curiosity with life. His pictures, to me are BEAUTIFUL. I feel as if I would grasp what HE felt when he took the pictures. AS1AS


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Jon Gitelson

    Jon Gitelson was born in 1975 and he is currently living in Brattleboro, Vermont. He achieved his Bachelors in Literature and photography from Malboro College. He recieved his MFA in photography from Columbia College Chicago. His work has been exhibited in more than 5 galleries. He works in a variety of mediums which includes photography, artist books, videos, installations and etc. He has worked with Matt Sieber. After researching a bit more about him, his fellow students from Columbia College Chicago considered him as a very laid back teacher and a very fun type of guy! Check his ratings at!

 I like his art. Although it does not fit into my genre of art styles, I like how his art is very different. After looking at his “Artist Book,” I truly enjoyed the comedy of it all. He shows a mixture of reality with comedy and I love how his ratings sure does match with his art. His art DOES look very laid back and very well put and like his ratings, he is described that way. Another thing is the way how he takes pictures of random things and use his skill in Literature to describe the art a bit is really interesting. The fact he doesn’t just use ART for his ART, he used his Literature to add on the Art. And for that I appreciate his integrity behind his creations. If his work was done without the Literature, I don’t think I would appreciate it as much as I do now.


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Kelli Connell 

  Kelli Connell was born in Oklahoma in 1974. She received her BFA in Photography in University of North Texas in 1977. Connell is currently teaching at Columbia College Chicago. Kelli Connell is mainly known for her photography and manipulation work of art in Photoshop. She does multiple negatives in the photo in which she manipulates to make it look very realistic. In her work, she would take pictures of herself and portray realistic settings of a relationship in a everyday life.  And by multiple negatives, I mean two pictures of herself being the opposite of the other in a single photo. All of her photos portray a realistic vibe to it when in reality none of these “manipulated/Photoshopped” photos ever occurred. Her work of art had been exhibited in more than 25 Galleries since 2003. She also had received more than 5 well-known awards such as Freestyle Photographic Crystal Apple Award and Dallas Museum of Art Kimbrough Award.

  To me, her art is very fascinating. Although I do not recommend young viewers to see all of her “R-rated”  work, I do however recommend the skill that was applied to be well known amongst young students. She does a fantastic job making each and every one of the photos looking so realistic. I love how each and every photo is SO DEEP and so mind catching. Connell really does grasp the natural feeling in any kind of relationship whether its about sisterhood, best friends, or romantically involved type of relationship. Every one of her photo is perfectly photoshopped. She captures the lighting wonderfully and creates a beautiful flow of both characters in the photos. Another amazing thing is that since 2002 she would use the same subject which is herself, creating a masterpiece!


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Matt Siber

   Matt Siber was born in Chicago in 1972. However he was raised in Massachusetts. He achieved his Bachelors in History and Geography at the University of Vermont and achieved his MFA in photography from Colombia College Chicago in 2003. He began working as a photographer for the freelance star making his way up to now being a gallery artist.  He works with photography, digital imaging, video, sculpture, and installation. Matt Siber is well known for his manipulation in his photos. One of his most famous project is known as “Floating Logos” whereas he would take pictures of well-known logos such as Dennys, McDonalds, Shell, and etc and take all the supporting structures to make the logos look as if it was floating in air. That project was extremely popular during 2003 throughout 2008. Another famous project he is known for would be the project which is called “Untitled Project.” IN this particular project it definitely will strike you as odd but after analyzing it, it should come to be somewhat fascinating. In this project he would manipulate the words in the photos taken by him and make a complete new art whereas he would “cut” the words out of the photo then  “paste” the words onto blank canvas and leave the location of the words exactly how it was placed in the photo taken.

   After researching his art, I would have to say it did appeal somewhat interesting. I didn’t quite get the whole art idea that Matt Siber created but after reading on and analyzing I came to enjoy it much more. I am currently enrolled in a Digital Arts class and in this class we, of course, have the chance to play around with Photoshop and the question that popped up in my head is HOW LONG did it take him to actually “cut” the words in his “Untitled Project” out and not leave a print of the original work? I am just beyond amazed in the time and effort he had put into this work of art. And as for his other work of art I like how it is a clean Photoshop work and not abstract. Out of all the artists we have researched for this class, Matt Siber is by far the most “cleanest” art I have seen while others are much more abstract. MS


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Jason Salavon

   Jason Salavon was born in Indiana in the 1970s. He achieved his MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is currently working at the University of Chicago as an assistant professor. Jason Salavon is known for his software art. in 1991 he wrote a software to help create a more visual artwork. He worked a lot with video-gamming and was even employed as a programmer in the video game industry. His art is definitely what one would call digital art. He uses Processing, Maya, C, D-media and manipulate plexiglas to make his art his.

Considering that our class is about Digital Approaches to Fine Arts, researching about Jason Salavon was definitely interesting. But to say that I am  not fond of his work would be somewhat of lie. In some aspect I DO like his work. I think it’s very unique and if there was another way to say this, I would say it but… very nerdy. I like how you can still see the art behind it but yet its blurred due to the fact how he would play around with the bytes. I think it has a very funky vibe to it. Like for an example, in the image shown below, is actually millions of pictures from the internet placed color-wise to form a color wheel. If you look extremely close, you can see trillions of divi-arts on it. Now THAT is what I enjoy from an art; the fact how art can be portrayed in many different ways in one piece. JSColor

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Jenny Holzer

   Jenny Holzer was born in Gallipoli, Ohio in 1950. She attended Ohio University in Athens, Rhode Island School of Design, University of Ohio, and New School University all to study art. She obtained her MFA at Rhode Island School of Design. Jenny Holzer is known for her words whereas she uses them in her art. When people think of “Art” we all tend to picture a colorful, abstract or structural design but Jenny Holzer’s art is somewhat completely the opposite. Instead of using colors, or an abstract image, she uses words. However, words of either sorrow, torture, death, or diseases. Most of her work is prosed in the public whether it’s on t-shirts, plaques or as an LED sign. Another interesting fact is that most of her work is displayed at the night.

    To me, her art is amazing. Words displayed for the world to see in different languages really makes me enjoy her art even more. Though some others can say her work is too plain or too common, I’d have to disagree. Seeing a 75×45 wall with her words mounted or displayed on it is somewhat powerful. Most of her work is displayed on various buildings. She doesn’t even have to have a perfect white wall to do her art but on a complex canvas. I love the simplicity of it all. She doesn’t use complex tools to make her art seen but instead she uses size. Her work is very deep and it definitely has strong meanings to her, otherwise she wouldn’t have put these words up anywhere. For that, I congratulate her for being the 1st US woman representative in Venice Biennale.


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Jordan Tate

Jordan Tate’s art is somewhat a retro type of creativity. He uses his art to cause an ambiguous view and make one question his art. He is currently a professor at University of Cincinnati and is currently known for his photography and his skill in digital arts. His art is merely a manipulation to the human brain and that is what he is aiming for. Besides just taking pictures he plays with the lighting and tweaks it around to make it an orginal.

Jordan’s art to me is extremely fascinating. Considering that I too love to take pictures, I can sense his love for pictures. Although he manipulates his photos and I don’t, I do enjoy the uniqueness of his art. I know how I said earlier that for me, an art to be called an art, must have a meaning and although his art doesn’t really show any meanings, it shows the dedication he puts into his creations.


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Roger Sayre

            Roger Sayre is an artist, teacher, photographer and a father. He is currently teaching photography at Pace University and you can see that most of his art is based on photography. His art as he quotes is “conceptually based.” What is conceptually based? It pretty much means that the art is all an idea.. other words meaning all the work is a theory of ideas! His art doesn’t have an exact focus point. We can see a lot of patterns throughout his work. As I reviewed a couple of his work, I realized that most of his art all are from different materials so there is no exact similarity in his work except how he likes to play around with light considering that he made pictures from a pinpoint camera. He seems like a man who enjoys making people question his art.

         I am going to have to say that I do enjoy looking at his art. I think he does spend a tremendous amount of time on his art and spends a great deal making into something unique. He doesn’t look like the type of guy that grabs random  materials and throw it all together and call it art but instead he make random pieces of art to come together very nicely. I like how some of his work has repetition and how its a work where one can say “a million of words come to mind.” Also, I love how most of his art is pretty much playing around with the light. I own a camera and I still am in awe of how the camera is able to capture beautiful lights that not even the human eye could see.


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Man Ray

         Man Ray’s art is definitely those who has been influenced with Surrealism, Futurism, Cubism and more. While most may know him through his photography, he mentioned that he would like to be known as a painter. Ray is one of those who express his love for art deeply which makes his art prone to have deep meanings behind it. Man Ray was known to have played around with media art making it unique and a bit abstract. Like the photo shown below, we all can see how he incorporated an abstract style with reality.

And now, it’s time for opinions! Hmm… DO I LIKE MAN RAY’S ART? Of course! It’s funky and when I look at his art, there are millions of words that pop up in my mind! I am one to love portraits but this type of portraits? … To me it’s SO unique and different that just leaves me in awe of his creation. I do photography as a hobby and so I think another reason why I like Man Ray’s art is because most of his well known art is portraitures and to know that we share the same interest makes me appreciate his art more!


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Jeff Baij

   Jeff Baij is one of those people who has a lot of confidence doing art through the computer. Making media art boldly is his game and he sure doesn’t give a poop if you criticize it harshly. Baij’s art seems to have no deep meaning and as I poked around the internet, Baij did mentioned that he is most proud of doing so. He’s also like us where he enjoys posting his creation online for the world to see.

To tell you the truth, I am not fond of his work. I guess you can say I am one of these people who greatly appreciate the meaning of art and if there is no meaning behind the art, then how can I relate to it? How can I appreciate it?  I just feel as if he took the true value of art away compared to those who spend a lifetime mastering a master piece, devoting their time and soul into their art, making it priceless!



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